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Why Rent /  Lease

Top Dog Test's Electronic equipment rental and leasing programs are designed to avoid the costs of owning, repairing, and calibrating portions or entire labs of their test and measurement equipment.  With the largest on-line selection of Test Equipment in the Industry, Top Dog Test offers the best selection of equipment to meet your exact needs.  We provide short-term Electronic test equipment rentals and long-term leases depending on your requirement.

Top Dog Test provides flexible terms for minimizing the risk associated with new equipment acquisition.  You can opt for test equipment rental or lease products to evaluate how they operate in your lab and then form an educated decision regarding ongoing test equipment rental, lease or purchase.  We automatically apply a percentage of rental payments toward the purchase price of all qualifying models — or the total amount when products are purchased within the first month.

Electronic Equipment Rental Programs

Our Electrical Test equipment rental program is designed for short-term equipment needs — typically 12 months or less.  This is ideal for both temporary needs and/or when project timelines are unknown. The idea of Electronic test equipment rentals lets customers:

  • Conserve capital by paying equipment rental expenses on an as-needed basis
  • Avoid costs of ownership such as depreciation, interest, maintenance, and calibration
  • Maintain the flexibility to rent newer models to keep up with technology design cycles
  • Cover downtime whenever owned equipment needs repair or calibration
  • Mix new and legacy models from different manufacturers

Leasing  Programs

Leasing is cost-effective whenever equipment is needed for long-term periods in 12-month increments up to 60 months.  Leasing Top Dog Test equipment lets customers:

  • Avoid equipment obsolescence on quick-turn technology design cycles
  • Spread cash flow over the life of the lease
  • Improve return on net assets (RONA) with an operating lease

Operating Lease (minimal equity payments):

An operating lease lets customers use equipment for the term of the lease without adding equipment as assets to a company balance sheet. At the end of the lease, the following four options are available:

  • Buy out equipment
  • Start a new lease
  • Continue to use equipment on a month-to-month basis
  • Return equipment

Finance Lease:

A Finance Lease lets customers purchase equipment at a low monthly rate without tying up capital.

Maintenance and calibration costs can be rolled into an operating or finance lease, providing a known fixed monthly cost for the duration of the lease. Clients can mix new and refurbished equipment on their operating or finance lease — lowering both the cost of leased equipment leased as well as payments.


Featured Lines:



Complete Listing (in Alphabetical Order)

3COM Eaton Kramer Electronics Rigol
AARP Ectron Krytar RL Drake
AC/DC Electronics EDC Lambda Rod-L Electronics
Acterna EH Leader Rohde and Schwarz
ADTRAN EIP Microwave LeCroy Sage
Advantest Elgar Leeds and Northrup Samsung Electro-Mechanics
Aeroflex EMCO LP Technologies Sartorius
Agilent (Keysight) Endevco Marconi Scientific Atlanta
AH Systems Envirotronics MECA Electronics Sencore
Alpha Technologies ESI MegaPhase Sierra
Ameritec ESPEC Metcal Sigma Systems
Ametek ETS-Lindgren Microlab/FXR Simpson
Amplifier Research EXFO MicroTel Singer
Analogic - Data Precision Extech Instruments Mini-Circuits Sorensen
Ando Flann Mitutoyo Spirent
Anritsu Fluke Motorola Stanford Research Systems
APEX Technologies Fluke Networks Mountz Sumitomo
Argo Fujikura Narda Symmetricom
Artesyn Future Plus Systems National Instruments Synthesys Research
Associated Research General Radio National Test Equipment Tabai
Astro-Med Genrad NEL Frequency Controls, Inc TDK-Lambda
Astron Gertsch Netgear TEGAM
Audio Precision GigaTest Labs NetTest Tektronix
Austron Gigatronics NHR Temptronic
Avantek Granville-Phillips Noisecom Teseq (Schaffner)
AVCOM Guildline NoiseKen TestEquity
Ballantine Haefely Noyes Instruments Thermonics
Bekin Hakko OAC Thor Labs
Berkeley Varitronics Systems Hantek Ohaus Tin Lee
Biddle Harris Ohmite Topward
Bird Electronics Hart Scientific OK Industries TPI
BK Precision Headland Olympus Trig-Tek
Boonton Heafely Test Systems Omega Trilithic
Bruel and Kjaer Hioki Pace Triplett
Cabletest Hirose Electric Co. Pacific Measurement Inst TTC
California Instruments Hollingsworth Pacific Measurements Corp Valhalla Scientific
CalTest Hughes Panasonic VARIAC
Christie I/O Tech Pasternack Vaunix
Chroma ICS Peca Vishay
Cincinnati Sub-Zero IET Phenix Vitrek
Clarke-Hess IFR Systems Phillips Voltech
Colby Instruments ILX Lightwave Picotest Corp VXI Technology
Compliance West Instek Polar Wandel and Goltermann
Compower Instruments for Industry Pomona Electronics Wavetek
Data IO Integra Power 10 Weinschel
Data Precision Inter-Continental Microwave Power Designs Weinschel-Tegam
Datapaq JDSU Powertek Wenzel Associates
Datron Jofra Precision Rated Optics Willtek
Daven K&L Microwave Precision Valve & Automation Wiltron
Dicon Keithley Instruments Premier Microwave Xantrex
Digital Electronics Kenwood TMI Probe Master Xitron Technologies
Digital Lightwave Kepco Promax XL Microwave
Dranetz-BMI Keytek Quadtech Yokogawa
Dytran Kikusui Racal Instruments  


Electronic Test & Measurement Equipment


Top Dog Test specializes in the sale, repair, calibration, rental/lease and liquidation of Electronic Test and Measurement Equipment. Access to the world's largest on-line inventory of Electronic Test Equipment allows us to offer our customers the exact model to meet their needs with maximum flexibility and fast delivery. 

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