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 Top Dog Test's business is built upon the purchasing, repairing and reselling or leasing of electronic test equipment.  We maintain the largest on-line inventory of used electronic test equipment, and we can only do this through the purchase of used electronic test equipment from our customers. If you have excess inventory of electronic test equipment, then we can help you sell used test equipment and liquidate these unused assets, quickly and easily for the highest purchase amount possible.  For customers located on the west coast, we can travel to your facility for free pick-up so that we can thoroughly evaluate our equipment at our facility, then make you the offer your equipment deserves and buy used test equipment from you.

Top Dog Test is uniquely qualified to buy and sell used test equipment, such as oscilloscopes, sell analysers, generators, counters, etc. . . With a global network of reps/brokers/distributors, we have the resources to liquidate your test equipment more easily than most.  We can also repair/refurbish used test equipment and extend a limited warranty to increase their value to potential buyers.Whether you are a reseller or a commercial end user we offer you a

Whether you are a reseller or a commercial end user we offer you a cost-effective solution that will save you time and money. We offer liquidation and asset recovery services for companies and businesses looking to upgrade their network, downsizing or closing their doors. Whether your test equipment hardware is new, used or refurbished we will help you dispose of your excess testing gear. We buy or trade new, used, pre-owned or refurbished equipment with resale value. We pay cash for your surplus test equipment!


We Offer:

•    Daily Pickup and Delivery service (for California Customers)
•    Quick-Turn Evaluation of All Brands of Electronic Test Equipment
•    Top-Dollar financial offers for all brands of Used Electronic Equipment
•    Full maintenance, evaluation and repair services of Broken Equipment
•    Largest on-line inventory of Test Equipment in the Industry . . . and growing
•    ISO 9001:2008 Certified Systems / Processes

Simply call us or email us to begin the process.

Electronic Test & Measurement Equipment


Top Dog Test specializes in the sale, repair, calibration, rental/lease and liquidation of Electronic Test and Measurement Equipment. Access to the world's largest on-line inventory of Electronic Test Equipment allows us to offer our customers the exact model to meet their needs with maximum flexibility and fast delivery. 

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